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  • Intro to your greatness

  • Your Anytime Floooooowww!

    Only a few minutes to get on your mat? Here's something to make sure a lack of time does not deter you from getting on your mat.

  • Yoga Pilates Remix

    Take the strength of yoga and the centering of Pilates to have an incredible workout experience.

  • Mandala

    This is an advanced beginner flow, allowing you to move around on your mat. You will be facing all directions on your mat. Get ready to challenge your balance, strength and mind. This is a practice of completion.

  • Yoga: Quick & to the Point

  • Balance, Belly, Booty, Pt. 1

    Use of the abdominal wall, engageent of the glutes and a steady, precise pace equal a strong body. Remember to stay engaged during all the exercises and don't rush!

  • Continuous Flow

    Commit to connecting breath to movement with this continuous flow. Yur mind and body will be energized.

  • A little Flow, A little Stretch

  • one breath1 movement

    Keep the breath controlled. Pay attention to the inhales and exhales as you move from one pose to the other.

  • Arms & Strength

    This tutorial explains and demonstrates moves and principles to help with building upper body strength, but specifically building up to strength to do Chaturanga Dandasana, full planks and eventually head and handstands.

  • Gentle and Strong Yoga Flow

    Breath allows the mind to relax, move you from one pose to the next and get you through the uncomfortable. We hold poses longer here. This practice has a gentle build up to a more intense practice. It is finished off with breathing and gentle stretching.

  • The Catalyst - preview

    Guest instructor, Bianca Crystal leads you through her new signature workout, The Catalyst. It combines Pilates, breath work, strength and meditation. All work is done on your mat, no equipment is needed and is good for all fitness levels. I am excited for you to try this workout. This si jus...

  • Just stretch

    This gentle stretch can be done after a workout or to start your day. Pretty much any time.

  • Flow to Open

    The slow, steady pace of this practice gets your hips open and your hamstrings a little relaxed. Tight hamstrings can lend to a bad back. Let's do some prevention with this video. Note: the pace is slow but this is still a little intense. When you hold your poses it is the perfect time to go d...

  • Quick Flow

    If you only have a few minutee to get moving, this is it! Sweat and poses. Yumm

  • Pilates for Lower body

    Pilates exercises that utilize your core, or powerhouse, to strengthen your legs and promote hip mobility.

  • Basic Beginner Pilates

    Just a few exercises are demonstrated here. For the person who has never done Pilates or needs a quick refresher, this is for you.

  • Mandala Flow

    This practice has us moving around the mat. The focus is the journey it takes to complete something or go full circle.

  • Let's Keep It Flowin'

    Breath,e sweat and move!
    An invigorating and energetic flow

  • Whole Body

    The entire body gets to work in just a little bit of time. Try this :)

  • Stretch & Release

    Take a few moments to stretch out those muscles and hopefully relieve a little stress